Wight Diamond Challenge UK

Paramotor fly-in rally at Butterfly, Isle of Wight on July
4th in the hope that the weather will allow a mass attempt on the Wight
Diamond Challenge, to fly round the Isle of Wight by paramotor.
Call Miranda 01983731611 to register.

The four turnpoints; St Catherine’s Oratory, Culver Monument, Osborne
House and the Tennyson Monument are easy to find and the airspace, whilst
it is a real issue which must be handled correctly, is not complicated.
Simply fly over the top of the Sandown/Bembridge aerodrome traffic zones
to the east and underneath the Southampton/Bournemouth control area
approach to the west.

If the weather on the day is not suitable for the Diamond, we will set
other tasks such as:

The Wight Star:- a cat’s cradle task involving a selection of turnpoints
scoring xc distance in a set time, how far can you go?

The Wight Height:- altitude, simple, how high can you go? (FL100 max)

Wight Lightning:- Chale to Freshwater and back, how fast can you go?

Accommodation at Sunacre is available, our organic B/B from £25pp, camping
at £5 per person and even tipis for hire which can sleep up to ten people!

Other accommodation options for motorhomes are at Grange Farm, a couple of
miles down the Military Road and Chine Farm which has our training field
adjacent available for take offs.

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