Arxio XR50 Kart engine could be a big hit for future Paramotor Designs

Wankel Rotary engines have been around for many years in some form or another as with all engines there are positives and negatives, BUT with many advances in technology the basic design gets pushed to new limits, costs come down and a new market niche is found. In this case karting. In the past kart engines have proven popular paramotor engines, small, light and fast, but with high service rates.

Lets hope this German built 50hp rotary finds its way into the paramotor market. Quick specs. 17kg – 50cc (294cc rotary) producing 50hp at 8750rpm – 39Nm torque at 7500rpm – max rpm 10400, Electric start – Bing Carb, More information at

One Paramotor Manufacturer Already making use of Wankel Rotary Technology is Parajet, UK based company that flew a Supercharged Rotary powered paramotor in the Mount Everest Mission and heading up such advances as the Skycar, click and follow the links to the Rotron engine 15kg 294cc, 40hp 95kg thrust! Paramotor Specific Design.

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