Focus Group: Varios

With the release of the new crop of wings Dudek Nucleon and the Paramania Fusion with its paraglider perfomance are two that spring to mind that will motor fast and thermal on slow. We find a new collection of paramotor pilots looking at varios.

To keep it interesting we will pick out some of the top varios leading the technology.

Ascent Vario simple but effective wrist mounted vario, small & light with Audio and an LCD display.

image from

Renschler CoMo appears to be a clear design with Pod expansion options at extra cost, GPS, G meter, Solar Power, Solar GPS Module.

Flytec 6030 Large display loads of features built in GPS.

Digifly Leonardo Pro BlueTooth many features include GPS and Bluetooth.

Learn more

Brauniger IQ Motor providing usual top vario features plus CHT (cylinder head temperature) and engine RPM for use with a Paramotor.


While not looking solely at varios , there is the Garmin GPS 60 CSx not only a mapping gps is also has features that tell you climb rate and glide angle as well as ground speed and altitude but has no audiable vario.

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