Wildlife Action Group needs paramotoring help to coral elephants into preserve

Wildlife Action Group an Animal Preservation Organisation in Malawi are Seeking 2 Skilled Volunteer Paramotor Pilots.

They’re putting up an electric fence to protect the village areas from crop raiding elephants (see http://www.wildlifeactiongroup.org) but can’t close the fence since 10 elephants are still on the outside.

They’re looking for one or two skilled paramotor pilot volunteers who could help coral the elephants into the preserve.

These elephants are outside the reserve in farmer’s fields. A helicopter is cost prohibitive and ground vehicles can’t manage the surface. They feel that one or two excellent paramotor pilots would be able to direct the elephants back towards the reserve using their motor noise and possibly an additional siren.

We would need such an pilot for about 6 weeks, but maybe the task could be shared by several pilots as an adventure holiday. They aren’t  in a position to pay salaries and therefore hope for volunteers but will provide food, accommodation and local transport.

If you are willing/able to help, contact Georg Kloeble, Wildlife Action Group International e.V. at the moment in Thuma Forest Reserve, Malawi. Mail:kloeble@wag-malawi.org

Tel:00265 993214979.

some more info from here

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