Stuart Holmes aerial descent Nepalese mountain Ama Dablam on his GIN Yak 16.5

On the 21st November 2009, Stuart Holmes made what is probably only the second aerial descent of the iconic Nepalese peak of Ama Dablam and the first using a small speed wing. The new Gin Yak.

Ama Dablam, commanding the Everest region, is one the most beautiful mountains in the World and is generally considered one of the Himalayas most spectacular climbs. It is also the one mountain that everyone who treks in The Khumbu/Everest region will remember.

In an autumn of relatively bad weather with strong winds and occasional snow storms, Stuart climbed the classic South-West ridge, an alpine climber’s dream route with its ice faces and steep, clean rock in a spectacular Himalayan setting.

At 6856m, getting to the top is moderately technical and quite an achievement.

But remember, it’s getting back down safely again that’s the ultimate goal.

Link to Story UK Airsports

(Photos by Adam Booth and Stuart Holmes) more photos here UK Airsports

Video of the ascent of the iconic Nepalese mountain Ama Dablam by Stuart Holmes



This paragliding speedflying story was brought to your attention by paramotor news .com

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