Mac Para release a new reflex wing the MacJet

The MacJet – Aimed at advanced paramotor pilots

The canopy has an aspect ratio of 5,23 and is fitted with new MAC PARA design. The MacJet has 58 cells with diagonal segments. Lines are attached to every second and the lines are divided to three tiers. The MacJet is equipped with rear-riser trimmers with a long range for decelerating (6 cm) and accelerating (12 cm) of the glider. The risers include splitted A’s to facilitate Big Ears, a wing tip steering kit for accelerated flight, a torque compensator.

24 kmh min, 40 – 52 kmh trim, 63 kmh top speed with full bar.

8.3 l/d Glide ratio, 1.3 m/s min sink

Link the Mac Para MacJet

This PPG new release was brought to you by Paramotor News

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