Bailey Aviation Egg Motor Project for Honda GX200 4 Stroke Paramotor

The Bailey Egg project is to design and develop a kit of parts to convert the Honda GX200 industrial engine into a viable low cost  PPG engine.

Much of the extensive R+D work from our own engine range has been carried over onto this project.

There will be 5 separate kits of parts, each kit can be used alone or in conjunction with other component kits

For more information please Visit Bailey Aviation.


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4 thoughts on “Bailey Aviation Egg Motor Project for Honda GX200 4 Stroke Paramotor

  1. Hi
    I live in Denmark. I am thinking of Converting a Gx200 motor into Paramotor. I red somewhere that you have a kit that goes with Gx200?
    If so i am very interested. I havent bout my Parashut yet, and i dont know if you sell them too?
    I would be very happy to hear from you….



  2. Hello, my name is Jimmy Gauthier now, I fly with paramotor adventure M4 and viper2. But me and my friend we check to change. I saw you don’t have a distributeur in Canada- Quebec. this sport in quebec province, is a new sport and in a big expention. I woudl like check to by your paramotor 4 strokes honda 200CC. and i offert you to be your reprensentant to sale your paramotor.

    I would like to have some news about that. I know is there a very good potential to sale a paramotor. You offer a new categorie of paramotor 4 stroke whit power.


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