Bailey goes 2 Stroke with the Polini Thor

Bailey Aviation famous for their championship winning 4 stroke paramotors, have re-introduced 2 stroke paramotors into their line up with the thor. The decision to re-introduce a 2 stroke machine was made based on the performance vs weight characteristics of the engine.

The Bailey Thor giving approx. 64Kg of thrust (1.25m prop version) and weighs 27.3Kg  They offer an optional small 12V 4ah battery that is charged from the engine to run accessories.

The Bailey Thor is available only with our alloy chassis in 1.10mØ or 1.25mØ size, with either standard fit mid or low hang bars or extra cost Active Chassis.

The Bailey Thor has some unique design features and was designed in collaboration with Mike & Alex at SaberAce Paramotors.

For more information please visit Bailey Aviation.


This PPG Polini Thor News was brought to you by Paramotor News .com

Paramotor News sponsored by Custom-Air bailey dealer.

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