Custom Air goes Polini Thor Mad with 4 Paramotors

Custom Air Paramotors the small UK based manufacturer known for their Cors-Air Titanium Paramotor are big fans of the Polini Engine. Since its first release in September 2009 they have been watching and working with interest and now offer a Polini motor in 4 different manufacturers. A choice of 7 ‘seven’ polini powered paramotors.

X-Generation (pictured above) with its unique ties with Polini it is Custom Air’s cheapest Polini option at only £3795 complete inc VAT, this is the paramotor all polini thor flight testing was completed on, well made and a great price. Solid machined Aluminium weight shift arms, collapsable sectional profile ali frame available with 125cm multilaminate wood prop or 130cm carbon prop with 64kg thrust all weighing only 25.8kg and from only £3895

Theres even a light weight  Trike option.

Kobra PPG have their legendary high quality sectional strong 145cm Stainless Paramotor with the Thor engine using the full 130cm carbon prop and all the usual Kobra luxuries of an under seat reserve, low weight shift bars, 12 litre tank, cruise control, all around top quality. All up 27kg, 64kg thrust. All this for only £4295

MikaLight Paramotors have 6 polini options. Aluminium 24kg, Stainless 25kg or Titanium under 23.5kg, all three designs are available in Mid weight shift or High hangpoints. Lightweight fibre hoop type chassis, simple construction for ease of care. 125cm Wood or 125cm Carbon prop. from a respectable £4195

Bailey Aviation Thor, noted earlier in Paramotor News 110cm prop or 125cm prop, Aluminium chassis mid height comfort bars (Active chassis optional) Bailey known for quality and comfort. From £4350

For more information and pictures Please visit Custom Air Paramotors


This PPG Polini Thor News was brought to you by Paramotor News .com

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