NEW Paramania Revolution two – the REVO2 reflex wing for PPG Paramotor Paraglider

Introducing the REVO2 from Paramania.

The popularity of the first Revolution set such a high bench mark that creating a successor for this classic beginner / intermediate Reflex wing, wasn’t so easy!

But after two years in development the much-anticipated REVO 2 is now here And It does everything the original Revolution did, only much better!

Combining the Fusion’s CLE leading edge, with the new Revo 2 aerofoil, has made a vast improvement to launching characteristics, Sink rate, handling and speed range!

The REVO 2 is most definitely a wing for school and first purchase all in one.
Low, slow flying, landing and taking off with a powerglider has never been this easy!
Whilst at the same time the REVO 2 keeps its speed range and directional stability so that a new pilot will not be left behind, when flying with his friends.

  • Easy to launch and quick to take off in a short distance
  • Excellent handling, smooth and reactive over a forgiving range of brake travel
  • New wingtip steering system, with in-flight trim torque adjustment.
  • Simple Risers (without extra unnecessary gimmicks)
  • New simplified trimmer locking system
  • The highest quality from the Paramania design / Gin manufacturing  expertise

The Paramania REVO2 is already available for pre-order. Delivery starts in May.

To avoid any disappointment, you may need to start booking wings now!

Paramotor News .com

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