Paramania bucking the trend by lowering prices in 2010

Paramania Powergliders have lowered the prices on all wings by 200 euros across the range (current £ euro rate that is £180) quite a saving when everyone else appears to be raising prices. With more new wings released the EVOLUTION a 12m training wing for schools and ground handling to the exciting new REVO2 and existing new benchmark the FUSION

Evolution 12m Training wing €1034, GoFly beginner wing €2174, Revo2 from €2676, Fusion from €2939, Action GT from €3130, Taxi Tandem/Trike €4241

These prices can vary slightly with the Pound vs Euro exchange rate. for example right now the new Paramania REVO2 size 26 will be £2500 UK pounds. This is great news for pilots looking to buy a new wing this season, a premier product at desirable prices.

Paramotor News .com

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