Karen Skinner’s Paramotor distance record ratified by the FAI

The FAI has certified the distance record set by the British pilot in Spain in October 2009. Karen flew from Seville to Zamora, to finally cover a total of 440,9 km, the longest distance ever flown by a female paramotor pilot.

FAI has ratified the following Class R (Microlights) World record:
Claim number: 15654
Sub-class: RPF1Tf (Microlights: Paraglider Control / Foot-launched / Flown with one person / Thermal Engine / Feminine category)
Type of record: Distance in a straight line without landing
Course/location: Almensilla (Spain) – Seville (Spain)
Performance: 440.9 km
Pilot: Karen SKINNER (Spain)
Paramotor: Nucleon 29 / Dudek powered by PAP ROS 100
Date: 27.10.2009
Previous record: 269.6 km (26.09.2009 – Carole GOBBE, France).

FAI congratulates the Pilot on this splendid achievement.

Paramotor News .com

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