USPPA Powered Paraglider Competition News

Beach Blast Competition cancelled by the City Police

USPPA wrote “This was a bitter pill to swallow–the Beach Blast Competition was cancelled by the City Police. Certainly a lesson was learned that the city officials must know full well what’s happening, sign off on it, and then allow it to proceed as planned. An enormous amount of work was put to waste in one fell swoop by this action and many competitors sorely disappointed. The competition, being run by Eric Dufour, was well into its first run when officers came by and put the kibosh on things. This caught the event organizer and competition organizers completely off guard.

We will refund money to those registered pilots who ask for it and apologize to all competitors. Much of the money was already spent on the competition (flags and awards) but a refund is just the right thing to do in this case. If you are willing to help absorb the organizers cost, that will be appreciated but not necessary. Thanks to those who registered early enough that we had score sheets and software prepared largely in advance”

For more information

Very unfortunate for all involved. I feel sure they will be making new plans for the future and the next events will always be bigger and better. Wiching you good luck on all your future plans and events Paramotor News.

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