Paramotor Shop Update: Custom Air gets a new domain –

Paramotor Manufacturer, Importer and Sales ‘Custom Air’ gets a new easy to remember generic domain name the old domain of will continue to run along side.

(Vince says, try to remember Paramotor Web Site, Paramotor.WS, its simple and hopefully effective)

At Custom Air Paramotors we are working on a number of changes and company tuning. We are the UK importers for KobraPPG and X-Generation Paramotors and this gives us an excellent spectrum of equipment to make available along side Bailey, all 3 manufacturers offer the Polini Thor in their line up an engine we feel is very potent in the market. X-Generation is very competitively priced and the Kobra’s can come with powerfull Simonini engines or the lighter Thor. We supply a number of wings from Paramania with the Revo2 and Fusion proving to be a favorite to APCO, Ozone and many more in between.

2010 has become a good year to start flying with a great choice of equipment for every kind of pilot.

Paramotor News .com

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