New Paragliding Free Flying Law for Italy

The President of The Italian Republic has subscribed the new law concerning the sport flight in Italy .

These are the most important new points of the law:

1) From next November 21 in Italy only free flight (not motorized microlight or ultralight) can fly VFR with vertical limit FL 195 in free “G” spaces (outside clouds ATZ CTR & C.) about 5900 meters if space is free.
2) Free flight can fly over cities, roads, railways & C. (before it was formally prohibited) at the flight level that allows to gain a safe landing.
3) For the first time in Italy is officially ruled the flight in thermals: the first pilot that enter the thermal decides the left or right turn; the other pilots must turn the same way; pilots inside thermals have right of way on pilots outside thermals; pilots in thermals must give right of way to other pilots that rise more in the same thermal;
4) Any free flight license of any European country is automatically recognized in Italy.
5) In Italy the medical requirements are more strict than before.

It was a hard work for FIVL and being inside EHPU was important to convince Italian authorities. This is a good news for EHPU too! Of course a good news for any European pilot.

Paramotor News .com

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