2011 Airush Sector V2 Kitesurfing Board 52 / 60




Airush introduces the Widebody concept with the Sector 60. At nearly 4 inches (10cm) wider than other production kiteboard, the light-wind advantages of the Sector 60 concept are clear.

The Sector 52 is based on the ideology of a high performance Fre- erace directional, with high wind performance for heavier riders or a dedicated light wind board for light weight riders. The Sector 52 also offers a more maneuverable option to its big brother the Sector 60.

Innovations in the fin configuration and hull design create an easy to use, yet high performance freerace board, that simply outperform traditional light-wind boards through significant steps forward in up- wind recreational performance.

The obvious increase in width enables the Sector to get going ear- lier, and continue planning in absolutely minimal wind conditions. Developed to be used in conjunction with kites such as the Airush Lithium LW (Light Wind) 13 & 15m, the combined innovation enables you to ride the relatively smaller sizes than traditional light wind kites from around the 7 knot threshold.


SECTOR 60 172 cm x 60 cm
(5’8” x 23 1/2)
22 CM 18 CM
SECTOR 52 173 cm x 52 cm
(5’8” x 20 1/2)
18 cm 15 CM

Airush Sector 52 / 60 – £599

All the latest 2011 Kit Available from Airush Kitesurfing

Buy the Airush Sector V2 in the Earth Air and Water Shop


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