2011 Airush Varial Kitesurfing Kite

Optimal kite performance, research and development for the 2011 Varial focused on increased turning speed, power delivery, and bar feel to provide unsurpassed performance and effortless appeal that will continue to thrill riders at every level. Maintaining the stability, lift, and safety of its predecessor, the 2011 Varial goes beyond exceptional, with improved parked power, better relaunch faster turning speed and improved frame stability making the foundation of a great kite, even better. For an entirely new perspective on what superiority feels like in a kite, the Varial 2011 takes the rider to new heights each and every time.

For 2011, ACTive Engineering (Active Conical Tension) is again incorporated into the entire Varial line. This innovative design concept allows the control surfaces of the kite to change their profile in direct response to airflow and kite speed, while leaving the power generating surfaces undisturbed and maintaining a clean airflow over the canopy. This translates into unmatched drift-back stability in dynamic situations such as wave riding or light gusty winds, offering a very stable and forgiving platform that allows the rider to focus more on their riding and less on their kite.


6m -£599

7m -£639

8m -£689

9m -£719

10m -£759

12m -£799

14m – £859

All the latest 2011 Kit Available from Airush Kitesurfing

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