Red Air Stand Up Paddle Surfing Code

The Red Air Code

Taking to the water on a stand up paddle board needs to be done with the utmost respect for both nature and your fellow water users. We have put together the Red Code. A simple set of guidelines that should go a long way to keeping you safe and making sure you can coexist in harmony with your fellow water users.

General Guidelines

  • Learn the basics in flat, calm water – your self esteem will thank you
  • Check the weather – Always check the forecast before heading out on the water.
  • Avoid offshore winds – they will blow you far from home
  • Check the tides – Do you know how the currents and tides effect your location?
  • Don’t paddle alone – stay safe and paddle with a friend
  • Don’t use the board in surf until you are confident

Red Surf code

  • Start slowly by going to places with easy, small waves where there are FEW people, if any, around you.
  • Always wear a leash – this will stop your board becoming a weapon when you fall off.
  • NEVER paddle out into a busy line up – the beauty of SUP is that you don’t need the most perfect wave to have fun. Paddle further down the beach, away from the crowds. There you will most probably find your own, empty wave.
  • Never try and paddle on to a wave that somebody is already riding.
  • With an SUP board you can catch a lot of waves. This does not mean you should. Be nice and if you are surfing close to others let them have their fair share of waves. There is always another one coming. Don’t be a wave hog. You and SUP surfers in general won’t be welcomed back.

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