Red Air 10’6 Stand Up Paddle Board

The Red Air Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board : Length – 10’6 : Width – 29″

No storage space? Small car? Travel a lot? The Red Air Board is for you.

The Red Air brings inflatable SUP technology at an affordable price. Built using the world’s leading inflatable technology this concept is a sure fire winner for anybody looking for a highly portable design.

Perfect to stash on board a boat or for taking on holiday. Weighing at only 12kgs there is still plenty of baggage allowance left! Its lighter and easier to carry than most solid boards.

The Red Air comes complete with a pump.

Many people who have witnessed the Red Air board express how this does not appear at all like an inflatable item, it has the look and feel of a rigid board due to the internal sub structure which prevents any kind of bulging, even when inflated to over 15psi

They are so so durable and as such used the world over for schools and renting who say they are far more durable than the solid models which need constant repairs.

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