Kobra PPG release the KILO Trike a one seat paramotor trike

Kobra PPG Kilo Trike, with an impressive list of specs and a competitive price tag this is a full on one seater trike.

Manufactured in stainless steel TIG welded, it has stable high hang points, well padded comfortable seat made of fiberglass, and four points quality safety belt. Behind the seat, you find the exclusive Parachutter system, our pneumatic rescue parachute: don’t renounce to its safety!

Kilo can mount a different range of wheels depending on your specific needs, from lightweight 4.00 8″, to 21-12 8″ low pressure tires for beach or snow operations (Kilo Bigfoot, as shown in the pictures)


The main landing gear is made of 7075 T6 aviation grade alloy, offering an incredible suspension and a high level of passive safety. Gear legs can easily be removed for transport, as well as the robust front fork. Front brake is drum or disk, depending on version.

The trike is stable, incredibly easy to take off and land, and goes particularly well with the Kobra Rocco range of paramotors. The Rocco 230 EVO Super Thrust is undoubtedly the perfect choice for its extra power, which results in a better fuel consumption flying at lower rpm.

Kilo can be ordered in 3 versions, as a standalone trike / combined with one of Kobra Rocco paramotors / or in RTF (Ready To Fly) version, with the engine and fuel tank directly installed on the structure of the trike, resulting in a cheaper and slightly lighter alternative.

A list of options includes different sized wheels and even a Quad option.

Prices are: £2195 for the stand alone Kilo trike to £6195 for the RTF (ready to fly trike)

The Kilo trike has been designed with strength, durability, comfort and safety in mind.

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