International Frozon Lake PPG Meet in Finland 17-21/3/2011

Finish Pilots would like to invite all PPG pilots around the world, to there INTERNATIONAL FROZEN LAKE PPG MEET


How does it feel to launch from a snow-covered frozen lake in spring weather with numerous of other international guests ? Come to Finland and experience that in the middle of forested regions nearby a hotel partly built within bedrock! The spring season is beginning, you may hear the wolves howl at night and also the bears are waking up from their winter sleep… Even though the date of the meeting has been chosen considering the best chance for good aviation weather, it is still possible that one day it’s too windy or it rains etc. In that case, the days spent in Finland won’t still be dull because we have arranged lots of alternative activities for you.

For UK pilots, Ryan-Air fly from London Stanstead to Tampere which is then only 2 hour drive to Ähtäri where the Frozen PPG Meet is.

Paramotor News .com

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