Fitting the Polini Thor Ø24 Carburetor

A quick step by step example of whats involved in fitting the optional Ø24 Carb.

This is not a definitive guide, just my experience to share with you, there are gaps and what I haven’t showed is covered in the installation manual.

Click here for a carb over view

Before you start anything. Check you have a long enough throttle cable as you will see later.

Remove existing air box and the next two allen head bolts to remove wg8 carb.

Then remove the wg8 inlet manifold mount (keep the two shorter upper hex bolts)

While at this point, gently check the reed valves to see they are in good order.

Refit the reed valves as this is where the new 024 carb bolts onto.

Assemble the 024 carb using the 2 hex head bolts supplied plus the two shorter ones you saved earlier.

Now we have to fit the throttle cable, this pic shows how the cable enters the carb from the top position.

Lucky for me the Kobra PPG Venom has a nice long cable and is easy to remove and re-sleeve the cable.

Two screws and the top of the 024 carb is removed, this is required to fit the throttle cable.

This consist of a few parts, spring assembly, plunger and the needle.

The throttle cable need to be threaded back up through all this so that the nugget end fits into the plunger and the spring acts as your throttle return spring.

Once threaded through check the throttle response (ENGINE OFF). Closed tick over position shown above.

and the Full throttle open position. Where you can see how the needle supplies a nice controlled fuel supply.

Fit the Air Box and also use a securing strap so that it cannot hit the prop.

Now you have to fit the fuel pump, which must be fitted slightly higher than the crack case vent which feeds the pump. You will need extra fuel line which is not supplied with the 024 carb kit. Diagram here .pdf

The plumbing is covered in the manual but what i will urge… Do connect the two pink vent hoses back to your fuel tank as they will drip fuel nicely. I used a couple of pipe T pieces.

Warning! When you are ready to do the very first start up, try it without the prop or with your paramotor properly secured and be ready to hit the stop button. My motor throttled up very quickly and throttle response is improved with this carb.

024 Carb Install Manual .pdf

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