APCO Force now in Large size

After having the Force S and M out for more than a half year, we are now finally ready with Force L. Targeting heavier pilots and for use with trike.

Force proved to be a huge success. We expect that launching Force L, stretching the weight range to 185 kg, will allow more pilots to discover the advantages of this exceptional wing.

The Force L comes with all improvements and upgrades recently introduced on Force S and M as described in the previous newsletter “Force Update III”.

We are confident that the Force L will proudly continue the legacy of APCO Force. The load test is scheduled soon – we will be sending out dealer letter on the issue in due time.

Large Force Pilot weight 110kg PG to 185kg PPG

Since launching Force we have been continuously unable to keep up with demand, and even today, well into the Winter our bookings are ahead of our capacity.

We are doing everything possible to be ready for next year with beefed up capacity , so our delivery delays will be significantly shorter.

Please place your orders well ahead – our apologies for longer deliveries.
For product page and more details visit http://www.apcoaviation.com

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