Vittorazi Moster 185 Paramotor PPG Engine

Vitorazzi describe the Moster 185 as “plug-and-play”, lightweight (12.9 kg), streamlined and compact motor, which offers a respectable 75kg thrust.

The motor offers 25 hp at 7,800 rpm, with a “regular, smooth and gentle thrust to a maximum of 75 kg (130 cm prop) or 70 kg (122 cm prop). They describe its level of vibration as “almost imperceptible” at all speeds and the torque effects as low, because of the weight distributuion and the dimensions of the motor. It is also surprisingly quiet, and has a cruising fuel consumption of 3.5 litres / hour.

more from Vittorazi


Moster 180 is originally an engine by Montinari along with their Evolution 130.

Shown here at St.Hilaire Evolution 130 Left and Moster 180 Right.

A light engine that produces good power to weight.

Recently this engine in the Vittorazi format has been taken up by the Flat Top Ninja.

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