Las Candelas 2011 Video Roundup

TheVolem Candelas 2011 (Freestyle with Revo2)
This is the earliest date for fans of flight, so that athletes from all over Europe and other parts of the world flock to the shores of the Embalse de José Toran.

The PPG concentration coincides with the traditional celebration of “The Candle”, which is celebrated around the feast of La Candelaria, the residents of the neighborhoods and streets of the town are living in huge bonfires are burnt reasons symbolize anecdotes that took place throughout the year.

Panapente (Ojovolador) Las Candelas Paramotor 2011
..see and taste many interesting developments as the new engine light 4t
Bailey 5V, the Pa125 PAP or 185, Vitorazzi Moster, KobraPPG Kilo Trike.

raulrodriguez RR Candelas 2011
Base Jumping Raul Rodriguez in 2011 from Candlemas to Peter Kasana tandem trike.
Javi Malaguita sticks a D-bag Roll Over two-seater trike with Arturo Olivair

jaontop LasCandelas 2011Agua

Trike and its pilot end up in the lake!!


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