73.84kph Paramotor Speed record ‘pending’ claim -pilot Dean Eldridge

It was a beautiful morning with very smooth air aloft. I took off right over the top of all the folks sleeping off their hangovers in their giant RV’s (motorhomes!) Running with the same weight as I weigh on my back through soft sand was a little challenging! The equipment performed faultlessly with maximum speed achieved at half throttle! Unfortunately I had the flu so I couldn’t carry as much weight as I would have liked, more next time!! Deano

Pilot Name – Dean Eldridge!
Time – 0700
Date – 05.02.2011
Location – Salton Sea, California (218 feet below sea level!) Paratoys event.
Motor – Parajet Cyclone 294 (standard)
Wing – Paramania Fusion 20 (competition spec)
Official Observer – Jeff Goin
Record category – Speed over Straight course 15/25km
Performance – 73.84kph (average over whole course)
Total take-off weight (pilot/wing/motor) – 157.3kgs (including 15kgs of bullets!)
Wind – nil

Dean Eldridge – Paraviation
Team Great Britain
Team Paramania
Team Parajet

Paramotor News .com

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