The 2011 Red Bull X-Alps race Salzburg to Monaco July 17th

For those not familiar with the format, the X-Alps, now in its fifth incarnation, is a bivouac hike-and-fly endurance race extending around 850km from Salzburg in Austria to Monaco on the French Riviera. Each competitor is allowed one supporter to provide food, weather forecasting and other logistical backup. Whoever reaches Monaco first is the winner, and 48 hours after that pilot touches down the race is stopped. Of the 30 pilots in the race only a handful will reach Monaco within two days of the winner; many will have fallen by the wayside and retired, hurt or exhausted, along the way. To complete the route may require an actual flying and walking distance of around 1,300km.

In this year‘s race include Mike Kung, Vincent Sprungli, Ramon Morillas, 2007 runner-up Toma Coconea, two-time winner Alex Hofer, 2009 winner Maurer and 3rd-placer Honza Rejmanek and 2 British pilots Jon Chambers and Steve Nash who have both been selected to compete in the 2011 Red Bull X-Alps contest.

The 2011 Red Bull X-Alps race (the toughest race on earth) blasts off from Salzburg on July 17th. There will be live tracking and lots of information about the race and the competitors at




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