Paramania are dreaming of the New Action GT replacement the GTX

As you know Paramania is constantly pushing the limits with design, safety and fun wings. Constantly working to develop the best technology, to be able to create really advanced designs. Their latest project, the GTX will be launched soon enough.

Many of you have been waiting for the new performance wing to come along and Paramania has promised to create something really new, to replace the well known Action GT is not an easy task! While they work prototypes for the new GTX which has still not met the high Paramania standards.

So hold tight pilots and fans, you know when it is here it will be the biggest news to the Paramotor sport sinse the rest of the Paramania line of reflex wings.

“Thank you for the feedback and concern for bringing out new wings and to make our products better, although we might seem silent from an outside perspective at times, we are busy at work getting your new wings to you As Soon As Possible.”

Sneak peak of the prototype Paramania GTX

sneak peak prototype of the New Paramania GTX

Paramotor News .com

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