Parajet Open day Saturday 16th July 2011


Parajet are having an Open Day on Saturday 16th July. The day includes:


The day will include:


  • Paramotor Clinic – so existing Parajet owners can bring their paramotors for a once over (by appointment)
  • BBQ Lunch
  • Talks by Gilo Cardozo (Founding Director – research & development progression and future direction), Dean Eldridge (Parajet Team Pilot)
  • Test-Flights of all Parajet models (by appointment)
  • Flying Demonstrations
  • Factory Tour


Booking and enquiries contact:


Time: 1030 unitl 1700hrs
Date:  16th of July 2011

Location: Unit 10, Chldicott Barns, Semley, Dorset, SP7 9AW

You are more than welcome to fly in, please email for GPS co-ordinates.

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