Tried and Tested : the Ideal Car Tyre for the Paramotor Pilot

This seems a funny topic to be talking about for flying but as an adventurous bunch we do drive our cars off-road more than most and more than they were originally designed to. Getting to the all important take off site being the first priority. My front wheel drive Audi A3 is not the best wet grass hill climbing tool and will slip slide and get stuck in the mud…

Now that is old news thanks to fitting the Vredestein Quatrac 3 tyres. These are all season tyres, summer, winter, rain and snow, they even have the little snowflake logo and are legal to drive in Europe during the snowy season. The tyre tread is split in two, the outside half of the tyre is a summer rain road pattern, the inside half of the tread is an ice and snow pattern.

What does this mean for the PPG paramotor pilot? You get a comfortable use everyday tyre for the daily commute to work but it also grips like a tractor for the evenings and weekends that we go off-roading. The only downside I can find is when there is ice and snow, I have no excuse for not getting to work.

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