DIY Cruise Control Added to Polini Hand Throttle for Paramotor PPG

Sometimes flying a paramotor we appreciate a cruise control / throttle lock option. A long XC flight or taking photos while flying are just two examples.

My favorite throttle at the moment is the Polini, it’s small, light & comfortable to use. But alas does not include a cruise control option. This is where the DIYer steps in and adapts his equipment to suit their needs.


Here is a simple video demonstrating how it works.

The simple throttle lock is a 5mm threaded thumb screw. DIY bit… remove existing Allen Head bolt and drill through throttle with a 4.5mm drill. Screw the thumb knob in as to create a thread in the plastic as it goes. Screw in until lever locks. Then back off until the lever works again, add extra half a turn out. Fit safety lock nut to remaining thread. You can now lock the thumb screw open or closed and lock the throttle lever open or closed.

Paramotor News .com

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