APCO release the slimline bullet riser to reduce drag

The bullet riser shown left has been designed to produce a reduced area to the direction of travel and airflow.


APCO state:

Bullet Riser – a revolutionary design of riser. (In the best APCO tradition thinking outside the box)

The riser which will set the future design for the industry – reduction of riser drag by 80% and more.
Its drop shaped branches produce only a fraction of the drag produced by regular risers. It is still made from the same 25mm. width webbing, butshaped into a tear drop profile – easy to understand and handle.

See the photos comparing the 2 risers and their frontal areas – on the left bullet riser, right side regular riser –
no further comments required! – A truly intelligent design.

It is a very effective way of improving performance without sacrificing safety, handling and integrity of the wing.

We like the idea and see its another step towards the future of flying.

more info: http://www.apcoaviation.com/infowindow.asp?link=products/paragliders/misc/bullet/bullet.asp


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