Women Fly Paramotors To – Female Pilots View – Ozone Video

In a male dominated world of flying paramotor, there is a growing trend of new female pilots. Partly due to light motors making the sport more accessible. There has always been ladys flying paragliders but now the move towards ppg is easier and enjoyable as this account from Squash Falconer explains when she gets to go paramotoring with the Ozone team in Annecy France, flying an Ozone Roadster.

“Show your wives and girl friends, now they have no excuses not to fly”

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Become part of the Biggest Parmotor Film of the year – Without Borders

Paramania pilot and paramotor photographer / movie maker Glenn Tupper has set out an ambitious task to produce a world wide movie depicting exactly what is paramotoring to us all. Launched on paramotor facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/groups/paramotor/) his project entitled ‘Without Borders’ is calling for your video footage from 2011. The aim is to edit all the footage into one continuous movie.

We wish him the best of luck.

To Learn more and Upload your videos go to:


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Paramania Revo2 – Reflex PPG Paramotor Wing – Powered Paragliding Video

Custom Air “we love the Revo2 and so do all the paramotor pilots we have tried them with”

Paramania team pilots Emilia Plak, Dean Eldridge and Pascal Campbell-Jones flying the new Revo2 in the Dordogne, France







Paramania GTR Flying Fun and Games Video

http://www.flyparamania.com Paramania team pilots Dean Eldridge and Sylvain Moisseron take the new GTR out for a slalom in the beautiful mountains of South Eastern France close to Annecy and where Coupe Icare is held every year.

Watch the exciting action as these two pilots swoop and slingshot themselves around and over trees and bushes. Filmed with four cameras from different angles all of the time using GoPros and Sony Digital HD cameras.


The GTR is available now to advanced pilots, in sizes 18, 20 & 24m complete with an 8m racing pylon to practice with.


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Paramania GTR – video

The Paramania GTR has a low aspect ratio, precise handling, an extremely fast roll rate and enhanced energy conversion, it is ideal for flying round pylons and precision courses as fast a possible. The GTR is for experienced precision pilots. Using 100% MCJ Reflex technology and many new design features to make it fast and agile yet stable and easy to launch.

The GTR video, an introduction. Love speed, love to fly around pylons, love the GTR! Watch this 3 minute video as pilots Dean Eldridge – world speed record holder and Paco Guerra Moyano – Spanish league champion zip around Paramania pylons.




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Paramania Video Series : Maillon Check Tighten and Load Test





Paramania designers and manufacture of popular wings such as the Fusion and Revo2 where they use larger than average maillons that are 3.5mm thick stainless steel with a breaking strain of 1200kg. Here we have a couple of videos to demonstrate their fitting and strength.

Load dispersion “A paraglider consisting of 8 maillons, 4 each side. With an 80kg pilot equals to 10kg per maillon. At 8g’s force that is 80kg per maillon. At full fast trim using mainly a & b risers at 8g that is still only 160kg each.”

Watch this video demonstrating a load test and the breaking strain of a Paramania maillon.


This video demonstrating the correct method of checking and tightening your maillons.



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