Charly Electric Ascent Aid, the SCOTT-E, coming soon…

Scott-E – drive system without environmental pollution

In spring 2011, Charly Produkte will introduce one of the first electric ascent aids. This ascent aid for paraglider pilots is being developed in a cooperation of Werner Eck, Geiger Engineering, Electric Sports, Flytec, and Charly Produkte.

Taking to the sky nearly noiseless like a bird, floating energy efficiently in the sky looking for thermal updrafts, being in complete harmony with nature. This vision was the starting point for the development of the Scott-E which uses Flytec’s electric drive system. The Scott-E makes all this reality – and it has nothing in common with the well-known heavy electric drives from the past.

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Ele-DriveCo have taken to the skies in a 2 person electric trike

They have flown electric ppgg (trike type) in Poland. A two person
trike. The technical data is as follows:
– max power of the motor 25 kW,
– max thrust 120 kG
– Li-Po battery with BMS – 7 kWh
– flying time up to 1 hour (1 person)

– total weight of the 2 person trike 130-148 kg (depending on the equipment as sort of wheels, shock absorbers etc)

They are planing to be on show at Basse-Ham this weekend.

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FlyTec E-Drive System (for Electric Paramotors) goes on sale

Now on sale the FlyTec E-Drive System as seen on the Razeebuss electric paramotor.

The FlyTec E-Drive is a purpose made electric motor specific to paramotoring and ultralight trikes. The motor is designed for the relatively low operational speed of directly driven 2-blade props of 1.3 to 1.5 m diameter, providing the highest possible efficiency along with only slight noise level.

With the HDP 10 (1000 va) elecrtic motor calling for €2005.00 fair price for an engine, you need to add the controller, power supply all of which are available from their website

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Skynch : Remote Controlled Paraglider Tow Winch

The Skynch system is the way to make solo launching possible without having a mountain, or flying around with a big fan blowing from your back. The solution is a tow winch controlled by the pilot himself.

Skynch now comercially available as a finished product. Many years in development, this silent running state of art piece of kit will pull you skywards with you in complete control. See the video below for a demostration.

RC Skynch system included all parts except batteries: Winch machine with 1000m dynema line, 2 drouge chutes, hitch hike mount and autostop, Controller with quick battery connectors and all cables, Telescopic receiver antenna (max. 3m) for ground and winch mount, Transmitter included batteries and charger, 48V charger, Plywood transport box, Manual (english) and login for support forum, € 6.700,00 + VAT and shipping. More information from

Skynch Recently Added:

“Since the Skynch has practically no idle resistance on the drum it should theoretically be ideal for step towing – today we tested this theory, and it held! We only made one ’step’, but altitude loss on the downwind leg was minimal (comparable to flying with no line attached) and the re-engaging upon return to an against the wind/winch course was super easy and intuitive.

It would make sense to have plenty of line on the drum (there is after all room for 4km of the stuff!) but today we had only 1000m and thus couldn’t use the full length of the paddock on the 2. step. But it still gave us an extra 100m to play with, enough to make the difference between connecting and landing on most days.

All in all a very good days’ testing,”

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