Coupe Icare Festival this weekend 17-20th September

This has to be the best festival of the year. Loads of everything to see, party tent, all the latest gear tent, great location and plenty of paramotor action to be had also.

Paraglider, hang gliders, gliders, motor gliders, wing suit flying, paramotor, hot air balloons, helicopter, stunt planes, acro flying fun, carnival, festival its all here its all flying related, its all fun. Fancy dress with tandems and tridems on paragliders and hang gliders.

Check out the video on site its only a small part of the action.

What’s news for 2009

Vol Libre Montgolfières will exhibit the new dirigeables of Airstar : l’Elliptoplume 150 et l’Electroplume 320.

9 wingsuiters, including several women, will perform as a team with a series of geometric figures highlighted by smoke bombs.

Demonstration of a team of 20 parachutists for figures performed in relative work.

A slot reserved for demos by paraglider manufacturers.

Presentation of the new motorized Woopy.

The first 100% hydrogen powered flying machine.

Tura presents new treasures.

Hippopotamesque participation of an association of collectors of hippopotami.

Commemoration of the first 30 years of Paragliding in St Hilaire and 30 years of World Hang Gliding Championships.

Operation ICARENBUS : a free parking lot at La Terrasse plus a dozen shuttle vehicles ready on Saturday and Sunday to offer free rides between St Hilaire and Lumbin. The entry bracelet will be requested for rides in St Hilaire.

In Lumbin :
o a concert Saturday night
o a lesson in paragliding for the public
o Cadence Workshop : fun and healthy look at ecological and health issues
o A kite show by Argentinian : Fabio Crisanti
o « Waste selection» and « consigned gobelets» at the landing area

And plenty more surprises in store ..

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