Mathieu and Emilia won their Ultimate Explorers Paramotor trip to Phuket, Thailand.

The ‘Ultimate Thailand Explorers’ competition pitted Mathieu and Emilia against several other 2 person teams, all of whom created a short video to convince the public they they deserved their vote to go and explore a specific region of Thailand. Mathieu and Emilia, being paramotor champions, created a short film showing their flying plans, and crushed the competition with thousands of votes more than the other contestents! See Mathieu and Emilia’s preview film here

At this point, M&E are already in Thailand slowly making their way towards Phuket. We’re excited to see the photos and video that they come up with, and the second part of the competition which will decide which of the 5 teams will win the overall ‘Ultimate Explorers’ title, for the best adventure and report from inside the country.

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