Kobra PPG UK – Rocco Super Paramotor with 85kg thrust.

KobraPPG manufacturer of the Snake £4495 ( Sky 100 Powered) and the Rocco £4895 ( Tuned Simonini Mini2 ) are both available from www.kobra-ppg.co.uk who are the official UK importers.

Kobra have been very busy with a fantastic line of new products and refinements.  Such as a carbon paramotor, new Trikes, and the ParaChutter a Pneumatic technology automatic rapid ejection reserve rescue chute for paramotors.

The Rocco above produces 75kg thrust and the Kobra tuned Rocco Super model produces a mind blowing  85kg thrust! and with an under seat reserve option or a parachutter reserve, things are looking good for Kobra!


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