Kobra PPG release the VENOM a Polini Thor powered Paramotor

Kobra PPG Venom a Polini Thor paramotor with the usual top quality we have come to expect from Kobra.

The Venom features a 4 part stainless steel frame with machined aluminium joints, CNC machined weight shift arms and a host of unique features. Available with 125cm Polini multi laminate wood prop or a Carbon prop.

Attention to details include, under seat reserve option and this new very strong over the shoulder pull starter (shown below). visit their website for more details.

Kobra Venom : £4495

140cm Stainless Steel, 4 section frame

Polini Thor Engine, Polini Prop

12 Litre Fuel Tank

Dry Weight 26 kg

63 kg Thrust

visit www.kobra-ppg.co.uk for more information.

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