Dudek Nucleon gets DULV certificate

German pilots can at last legally fly reflex profile wings with full consent of the law. The Nucleon (25, 27, 29) passed DULVĀ  (Deutscher Ultraleichtflugverband – German Ultralight Aircraft Association) is an organization founded in the 80’s, tasked by German authorities with testing and certifying ultralight aircrafts (that’s how powered paragliders are classified).

Tests themselves are similar to those of European Norm, with addition of several other manoeuvres absent in the EN. The main difference is, tests are done under power. Most of them are even performed at full blast, like stall possibility, dolphining etc.

Currently there are two categories at the DULV; Standard – for the beginners and Advanced – sport class. Nucleon passed tests in the Advanced category (closed trims and without speed bar). In the meantime a working group is preparing tests for yet another category – the Expert.

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