Paramania REVO2 Reflex Paramotor Wing gets Certified EN/B

The fantastic new Paramania Revolution 2 26 gets a full EN/B certification, making it one of the safest reflex wings to date.


Please read the report at 80kg in flight weight the Revo2 scores an ‘A’ rating for all 85 tests and at 120kg all up it only scores 4 ‘B’s leaving the other 81 tests as ‘A’ rating. Thats is great news for 99% of all beginner intermediate pilots.

click here to read the REVO2 EN/B certified flight test report. (PDF) from

After more than two years of practical development the much-anticipated REVO 2 is here.

The popularity of the first Revolution set a very high bench mark, creating a successor for this classic Reflex wing has not been easy!

The REVO 2 benefits from a whole new design makeover. It is our answer for both pilots and training centres, who have been asking for the ultimate beginner / intermediate reflex wing.

With EN B certification the REVO 2 is the first true reflex glider to bridge the vital gap of a wing that a pilot can easily learn to fly on and that first favorite glider that allows a safe, fun and versatile pilot progression over several years.

  1. •Easy to launch, quick to take off in short distances. (CLE Leading edge system)
  2. •Enhanced roll or directional stability, both during launch and in flight.
  3. •Excellent handling, smooth and yet reactive over a forgiving range of brake travel.
  4. •Super slow speed flight capability for easy, short landings and thermal flight.
  5. •Legendary ‘unmatched’ pitch positive Reflex wing stability on fast trim.
  6. •Simple uncluttered risers and control systems.
  7. •In-flight propeller torque adjustment.
  8. •New trimmer locking system, with adjustable sliding brake keepers and handle size.
  9. •New trimmer & speed bar system with 70% of movement on the trimmers and only 30% on the bar. Ball bearing pulleys give improved smoother bar operation.
  10. •3.25 times speed range performance (20-65kph variable with wing loading).
  11. •The highest quality from the Paramania design / Gin manufacturing.

Note- CLE means “composite leading edge” – the word ‘composite’ is used to describe combining different types of material to enhance their mechanical properties and to make a new material.

Over the last few years in conjunction with Gin gliders, Paramania have developed this system. It is now incorporated into most of our range of gliders – CLE enhances the launching and performance by cleaning up the leading edge whilst spring opening intakes and reducing weight.

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