Juiced Paramotors first Electric Test Flight Video

Juiced Paramotors (Gareth Houghton) shares his electric ‘launch-assist’ paramotor test flight with a youtube video.

On his website http://juicedparamotors.yolasite.com Gareth documents what parts he has used to manufacture his homebuilt working prototype electric ppg.

Powered Using a Turnigy 80-100-a 180Kv Brushless Outrunner motor which retail at a mere £70 and used for large scale rc planes. He coupled this to off the shelf LiPo batteries running at 48volts, off the shelf speed controller. He then skill fully married all this into a Rad Aviation chassis and even used the Radne prop to power the unit skywards.

Good British work shed engineering, we wish him luck for future developments.

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