New off the shelf Electric Motor for PPG the Turnigy CA120-70 Brushless Outrunner (20hp 100cc equivalent)

Designed as a 100cc gas engine replacement. The Turnigy CA120-70 Brushless Outrunner from HobbyKing could be the answer for many a home grown electric paramotor builder. At 20hp it has the power to produce over 50kg thrust (provided you have enough LiPo’s) and only 2.55kg

Model: 120-70-15
Resistance: 4.8ohm
ESC Required: 250A
Input Voltage : 30~70V
Kv : 150 rpm/V
Weight: 2550g
Shaft: 10mm
20v Non Load Current: 11A
Dimensions: 168x140x118mm (Including Mount)
Equivalent: 110cc Twin Gas Engine (20hp+)

With this motor retailing at $299 about £190 its a bargain power plant.

All the parts can now be bought off the shelf. Large speed controllers costing similar money it is then down to the LiPo batteries. The more you carry the further you go but the heavier you will be.

more info about building electric ppg’s will be available soon from

ParamotorNews .com