Kobra PPG Venom the Polini Thor Paramotor is Now available in 145cm chassis for full 130cm Prop 64kg thrust

KobraPPG Venom their Polini Thor based paramotor is now available in their 145cm stainless frame allowing safe use of the full 130cm carbon propeller which will produce 64kg of thrust and improved economy with slightly lower noise due to lower rpm.

KobraPPG Venom. Stainless Steel Cage, CNC weight shift bars, securely mounted to oversized CNC machined pins with locking nuts (not bolts), 12 litre tank, Under seat reserve and host of other great features.

140cm, 125cm propeller, 62kg thrust, 26kg all up weight.

145cm, 130cm propeller, 64kg thrust, 26.2kg all up weight.

more information fromĀ http://www.kobrappg.co.uk

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