The Incredible Solar Electric Flight 2000km

Solar Electric Flight to celebrate launch at Relentless NASS Festival

The Incredible Solar Electric Flight, an exciting expedition flying a newly designed electric paramotor 2000km from Monaco to Morocco, powered by solar energy, will celebrate the launch of the expedition on Saturday 11th July at this years Relentless NASS Festival taking place at the Royal Bath and West Showground.

To capture the imagination of the large, expected crowds and help raise awareness of its charitable endeavour, the team of expedition pilots will perform a number of audacious stunts, spiral dives, and formation flying, all designed to showcase the unique capabilities of the paramotor and provide dramatic and breath-taking entertainment. Visitors will also get the opportunity to meet the team and find out more about the expedition, which leaves from Monte Carlo on 24th July, and aims to raise funds for Ataxia UK.

As well as raising awareness of Ataxia, the expedition will also promote alternative energy as a power source of the future, demonstrating the latest combination in solar energy, battery power and paramotors.

A team of intrepid pilots will fly the new Parajet Electric Paramotor, the world’s first solar-powered electric flight system, to Ceuta Morocco. Covering an estimated 150km per day in favourable weather conditions, the expedition should take roughly two weeks to complete.

Wiltshire-based engineer Gilo Cardozo, the brainchild behind the Parajet Electric Paramotor, famously built and co-piloted the paraglider that took British TV survivalist Bear Grylls over the summit of Mount Everest in 2007, achieving a world-record altitude of 29,494ft. More recently, Gilo piloted the Parajet Skycar on a 6000km journey from London, over the strait of Gibraltar to Timbuktu.

“The Solar Electric Flight is very exciting for us,” explains The Incredible Website’s founder Damian Cardozo. “Not only do we hope to raise a large amount of money for Ataxia UK by making this ‘Incredible’ journey but we will be proving the viability of this unique technology and flying using an environmentally friendly power source. This will be a World’s first for solar power.”

Alongside the electric paramotor, pilots will also fly several other Parajet paramotors powered by bioethanol, an eco-friendly fuel that comes from renewable resources.

via The Incredible Website :: The Incredible Solar Electric Flight.