Stand Up Paddle Surfing, Paddle Boarding, SUP ?

Call it what you like it has and is taking the world by storm, many top female & male celebrities are paddling the tropical oceans as a means to tone up and keep their figures. Many others see it as a sport to keep fit, some use it socially, some purely for the fun of it, exploring new places, rivers & coastline, surfing big waves or paddling flat water one thing is for sure, Stand Up Paddle Surfing is accessible to everyone, all ages, styles and abilities…

…Easy to learn & fun to do.

You only need some basic pieces of equipment to get started.

  • A Board, these are available in many styles in different sizes and materials.
  • A Paddle, these are also available in many different variations.
  • A Leash and depending on your climate a wet suit, although we have many competent paddlers who will ride without a wet suit.

Our equipment.

Starboard SUP, leaders in the Stand Up Paddle department. Huge range to suit all paddlers.

Red Paddle! Leaders in the inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

This board is wider and inflates to 15psi !!!! thats more then the majority of all the other inflatables. Its fantastic, a solid stable board that you can surf and paddle and packs down to fit in around our other hobbies. All other inflatable SUP’s are just too soft and bendy.