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Star Board Stand Up Paddle Boards

Drive, Big Easy & Blend are our top sellers from the Starboard range.

Drive 10.5″ x 30″

AST White £599 / Startouch Blue £779 / Camo Black £879 (full deckpad, windsurfable)

Available in : AST White, Technora, TAC, Candy, Camo, Blue Touch


Length: 319 cm, Width: 77 cm, Tail Width: 16.5″ /40.2 cm, Stability rating: 8,
Thickness: 4.0″ /10.2 cm, Volume: 156 L

Balancing between stability, maneuverability and glide, the smooth pintail and wide nose feels small on the wave and plenty stable while paddling. The deck is flattened out for better foot grip and the thin rails provide a slightly sharper feel. It’s rocker line and increased V numbers in the back foot area combine to produce a board with extreme drive and speed, yet is loose and responsive. It’s fun in marginal surf and goes very well in serious waves as well. Great flat water glide and more than anything, it really feels alive on a wave.

Mono concave nose section to flat middle with tail V.

Big Easy 12’0″ x 32″

AST White £649 / Startouch Blue £829 / Camo Black £929

Available in : AST White, Technora, TAC, Candy, Camo, Blue Touch


Length: 370 cm, Width: 81.8 cm, Tail Width: 16.7″ /42.6 cm, Stability rating: 9.5,
Thickness: 4.6″ /11.8 cm, Volume: 205 L

Big and Easy, it’s as simple as that. Stable to paddle thanks to its 32″ width and great glide with the full 12’0″ length. The generous nose width and mono concave up front provides fun nose riding abilities and also lets the board paddle into waves with ease. The pinned out alt section with ample tail rocker sports good wave riding characteristics for a board of this size.

Blend 11’2″ x 30″

AST White £629 / Startouch Blue £799 / Camo Black £899

Available in : Technora, TAC, Candy, Camo, Blue Touch


Length: 340 cm, Width: 76 cm, Tail Width: 16.1″ /40.9 cm, Stability rating: 8,
Thickness: 3.9″ /9.9 cm, Volume: 168 L

A very popular board with it’s roots from traditional longb

oarding. The Blend’s 11’2′ long hull glides well on flat water and is especially easy to catch waves with. While surfing the thin refined rails aft and increased tail V provides a responsive feel and exciting drive out of a turn. The flattened out deck makes the board comfortable for paddling and great for nose riding. It’s a very forgiving board to “walk” with its slightly wider nose. The 11’2″ x 30″ provides enough glide for flat water cruising, good stability for catching waves and exciting performance once up and riding, making it the perfect Blend.

Slight mono concave in the nose section to flat middle with V in the tail.

The boards above are our top sellers. 

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