APCO release the slimline bullet riser to reduce drag

The bullet riser shown left has been designed to produce a reduced area to the direction of travel and airflow.


APCO state:

Bullet Riser – a revolutionary design of riser. (In the best APCO tradition thinking outside the box)

The riser which will set the future design for the industry – reduction of riser drag by 80% and more.
Its drop shaped branches produce only a fraction of the drag produced by regular risers. It is still made from the same 25mm. width webbing, butshaped into a tear drop profile – easy to understand and handle.

See the photos comparing the 2 risers and their frontal areas – on the left bullet riser, right side regular riser –
no further comments required! – A truly intelligent design.

It is a very effective way of improving performance without sacrificing safety, handling and integrity of the wing.

We like the idea and see its another step towards the future of flying.

more info: http://www.apcoaviation.com/infowindow.asp?link=products/paragliders/misc/bullet/bullet.asp


APCO NRG specifically designed slalom racing wing – Video

APCO’s new 18 and 20m slalom racing wing.

from APCO “The APCO NRG is the “Bad Boy” in Apco’s Paramotor wings family. Like your kid brother, it’s small but with a lot of attitude. It is a specifically designed slalom racing wing that’s also fun to just play around with. Speed and handling characterize this wing but it’s real virtues are stability and safety in extreme maneuvers. We are proud of this wing and are sure you will be too..”



A funny video to demonstrate the new APCO LIFT Paramotor Wing

LIFT – Apco’s first all round purpose built Sports Class reflex wing for wide segment of pilots.

Conceived from Force, as a direct result of pilot demand and a worthy addition to our classic paramotor wing range. It is not a tuned down version of Force, but all in all a new wing, purpose built and designed to specific needs of wide range of pilots, targeting anyone who would like to fly easy rock solid reflex wing with excellent performance and speed.

LIFT does not sacrifice much on speed range and performance when compared to Force, but offers unmatched foolproof launch, dream-like handling and safety combined with ease of flying and reassuring comfort that will amaze you each time you take off.

LIFT is the perfect choice for every pilot who wants to enjoy flying long distances with no stress or is just playing around.

LIFT is ready in 2 sizes – S and M – covering weight range from 75kg.-165kg. The design brief ofLIFT aims to combine the best aspects of reflex wing with performance, handling and launch APCO is known for – perfectly blended into a well built, robust chute made to last.

Equipped with our unique SRS® system to allow for comfortable slow speed take-off and landing. HIT Valves® (APCO exclusive) incorporated to insure maximum stability and internal wing pressure at any angle of attack. Built-in Flexon battens® for perfect profile shape retention and long term consistent performance – maintenance free and great weight saver. We are proud to be the first and original innovators of all the above unique features – today finding their way into other brands designs too.

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