Newave Surf Skim Play Strapless Kitesurfing

Since kiteboarding exists, the sport has known several ways to ride and many evolutions. In 2011, the trend is clearly steered toward surfkiting with strapless and definitely not only in waves.

Strapless jumping, surfing & having fun in all types of conditions : that’s what the Newave is about !

Waveriding is not hardcore, you can jump with strapless boards, and riders of any level can enjoy a kite surfboard.



Legendary master shaper Marco Copello shapes the Newave boards. Many will remember Copello from old windsurfing days and he has shaped thousands of boards for larger companies and pro tour riders.

Marco aims to design boards which will suit kite surfers of all levels as well as allowing the most radical moves.



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The Newave range currently consists of 3 boards, the 6’2 Surf, the 5’8 Play and a Skim Board.


Newave is available now in the Extreme Store


Sneek Peek Video – Mr T. Spins 2520 landboarding with a Flysurfer Speed 3

360’s 720’s how about 2520’s… nearly and possibly a 2880 rotation. Local kite buggy rider Adam Toms take to using his landboard with his flysurfer speed 3 deluxe, 15meters in only 10mph wind. Makes me dizzy just watching, check out this short video clip. (warning X-Rated for descriptive use of shocking language for insane stunt)

[vimeo 21558151 600 350]


World’s first full scale Indoor SUP Championships in London this weekend

The London Boat Show is hosting the World’s first full scale Indoor SUP Sprint Championships is this weekend.

Friday 14th to Sunday 16th January 2011.

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A 70m Pool, thumping Rock Show sound and light system and 15 of the best UK SUP racers going head to head in the pool. Backed by Starboard SUP and Red Paddle Co this event brings SUP to a totally new audience they have an exhibition stand at the show and the interest so far has been fantastic.

Competition starts Friday and runs until Sunday. The Racing is at 3:15pm each day for one hour. Entry into the London International Boat show is £13 and kids go free.

Entry into the SUP racing is free once inside the boat show.

There is a qualifying event on Friday morning at the Boat Show, which is open to all Stand Up Paddle fans.

All kit is provided and if you qualify you get a free hotel room for the weekend and backstage passes.

More info HERE.

2011 is shaping up to be a great season for SUP. We are not letting a bit of a cold spell get in the way of supporting and growing SUP in all areas.

They sure do like the Red Air SUP in Malaysia

“Malaysia Boleh…!?”…

You can Stand Up Paddle (SUP) in Malaysia as it offers calm water conditions and sunny skies for it.

Cuz & his mates travelled to Tanjong Resang Beach in Mersing in Johor, Malaysia and went for a “walkabout”.

Outer Quadrant and Co continues to spread the stoke of SUP’n throughout South-East Asia with the Red Paddle Air Boards…Ye-haa…!?

Red Air Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards available from SUP Surfing UK

Red Air SUP Fishing in Malaysia from Outer Quadrant

Heres’ another fun activity anyone can do with Stand Up Paddling (SUP). Give a go at SUP Fishing Jimmys…!?

As the morning began, Outer Quadrant went fishing with our Red Inflatable SUP boards along the coastline of Tanjung Resang in Malaysia.

Cuz managed to snag a couple of fishes right off the bat.

And there was noooo stopping him after that…He was in his groove!

Thanks to his efforts, the lunch spread for everyone present at Suka Layar Sailing Centre, Inn & Cafe was SUPER-LINGAM…!?…Ye-haa…!?

Red Air Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards available from SUP Surfing UK

NZ Paddle Company Enjoys the Red Air Inflatable SUP

The ideal all-round paddleboard for the heavier paddler.

The latest addition to the Red Air range stands out as the only quality all-round inflatable paddleboard at 32″ wide, and is ideal for the heavier rider, or simply anybody wanting just that little bit more stability in their ride.

Better still, it has the progressive rocker line of the Red 10′, which basically means it has a lot of curve preshaped in to it, making it very very nice indeed for surfing. It will catch even the smallest waves with ease, yet it has enough curve in both its rocker and its plan shape to be really quite comfortable in medium sized surf too.

Super stable, really easy to use, and with glide of the kind you only get from inflatable boards. Remember the first time you used a mountain bike with shock absorbers? That smoooooth feeling? That’s what we’re talking about here. This is a great all-round SUP for learning, cruising, surfing, exploring, and general family fun. You can pretty much do anything on it! Full EVA deck for under foot comfort and three moulded fins finish off this fantastic family cruiser, that’s super durable and still small enough to be packed away in a small bag at the end of the session.

All Red Air boards come with a carrying bag (with rucksack straps), a repair kit (not that you’ll need it but better safe than sorry), and a powerful h-tech pump fitted with a pressure gauge so you know when you’ve got enough air inside.

Direct from the website.

SUP that Inflates in under 5 minutes!!

A Red Air is the most practical and portable type of Stand Up Paddle Board. It packs into a holdall and inflates in under 5 minutes. Its hi-tech design makes for a stable and solid board.

The flat water glide of even the smallest Red Air is exceptional and comparable to larger hard boards.

When you buy a Red Air board you are provided with an inflation guide. In case you have lost your guide you can download a copy below.
Click here for – Red Air Inflation Guide