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Green as Grass Flysurfer Kite Landboarding Movie teamriders Yusca Balogh and Lennart van Schuilenburg

Green as Grass is a documentary supported by Flysurfer about pro kitelandboarders and Flysurfer teamriders Yusca Balogh and Lennart van Schuilenburg explaining what drives them in Kitelandboarding and why they love to kite on the land.

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The story tells about their vision on the sport and their trip along the westcoast of France and England visiting and enjoying some of the best kitesurf and kitelandboarding locations western Europe has to offer, paired with the new Flysurfer Unity, Speed3 Deluxe Limited and their MBS Pro 90 Mountainboards!

Dylan van der Meij in Martinique – Flysurfer Speed 3 Kitesurfing Video and teamrider Dylan van der Meij “In December 2010 my family and I went to Martinique to escape the dutch winter! Stayed there for 3 weeks!

Martinique is an island in the Caribbean and well known for their rum and countless beautiful beaches. We had a epic holiday with really nice kiting conditions, with winds between 8-16 knots I was able to ride every day!

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Radio Controlled Model Paragliders now in the UK

Opale Paramodels, Manufacturers of full size paragliders and the RC Soaring Paraglider which are now available in the UK through selected dealers. The Paramodel kit is custom made with fine details to make it fly as realistic as possible.

The Spiral 1.2m² wing is the result of a long development, using the highest glider software. Spiral is a combination of performance, play, fun and accessibility. It rolls in thermals as a real paraglider does.

To learn more and purchase follow the link to RCParaglider.

2011 Airush Sector V2 Kitesurfing Board 52 / 60




Airush introduces the Widebody concept with the Sector 60. At nearly 4 inches (10cm) wider than other production kiteboard, the light-wind advantages of the Sector 60 concept are clear.

The Sector 52 is based on the ideology of a high performance Fre- erace directional, with high wind performance for heavier riders or a dedicated light wind board for light weight riders. The Sector 52 also offers a more maneuverable option to its big brother the Sector 60.

Innovations in the fin configuration and hull design create an easy to use, yet high performance freerace board, that simply outperform traditional light-wind boards through significant steps forward in up- wind recreational performance.

The obvious increase in width enables the Sector to get going ear- lier, and continue planning in absolutely minimal wind conditions. Developed to be used in conjunction with kites such as the Airush Lithium LW (Light Wind) 13 & 15m, the combined innovation enables you to ride the relatively smaller sizes than traditional light wind kites from around the 7 knot threshold.


SECTOR 60 172 cm x 60 cm
(5’8” x 23 1/2)
22 CM 18 CM
SECTOR 52 173 cm x 52 cm
(5’8” x 20 1/2)
18 cm 15 CM

Airush Sector 52 / 60 – £599

All the latest 2011 Kit Available from Airush Kitesurfing

Buy the Airush Sector V2 in the Earth Air and Water Shop


2011 Airush Varial Kitesurfing Kite

Optimal kite performance, research and development for the 2011 Varial focused on increased turning speed, power delivery, and bar feel to provide unsurpassed performance and effortless appeal that will continue to thrill riders at every level. Maintaining the stability, lift, and safety of its predecessor, the 2011 Varial goes beyond exceptional, with improved parked power, better relaunch faster turning speed and improved frame stability making the foundation of a great kite, even better. For an entirely new perspective on what superiority feels like in a kite, the Varial 2011 takes the rider to new heights each and every time.

For 2011, ACTive Engineering (Active Conical Tension) is again incorporated into the entire Varial line. This innovative design concept allows the control surfaces of the kite to change their profile in direct response to airflow and kite speed, while leaving the power generating surfaces undisturbed and maintaining a clean airflow over the canopy. This translates into unmatched drift-back stability in dynamic situations such as wave riding or light gusty winds, offering a very stable and forgiving platform that allows the rider to focus more on their riding and less on their kite.


6m -£599

7m -£639

8m -£689

9m -£719

10m -£759

12m -£799

14m – £859

All the latest 2011 Kit Available from Airush Kitesurfing

2011 Airush ONE simplicity in performance the power of one


Airush One Kitesurf Kite 2011

A revolutionary breakthrough for kiteboarding, the Airush ONE incorporates a single strut design that delivers exceptional stability, amazing lightwind performance, and incredible ease of use and safety in a kite that is remarkably simple and fun. With more than 12 months spent on development and fine-tuning, we introduce the AIRUSH ONE kite as a premium Hybrid Delta design for 2011. Airush has made it possible to reduce the weight of the kite by 25-30% lighter than a kite of equal size.

As you set up the ONE for the first time, you will see that it is fast and easy, a no-brainer to rig. With only one strut, there is no need for a one-pump system. A short and simple V1 bridle and sweep of the LE make it nearly impossible to snag your bridle on the wingtip in a crash/inversion situation and allows for full-flag-out safety system enabling the kite to be steered and controllable when the kite is completely depowered. This works extremely well for the emerging surf market.

With its patent-pending single strut design, the AIRUSH ONE boasts a very lightweight canopy that maximizes both the turning surfaces and power generating surfaces, for an increased power-toweight ratio. This results in a kite that has the feel and turning speed of a smaller kite with the power and command of a larger kite.
When you fly the AIRUSH ONE, you will notice that the kite is very lively and you will feel how quickly it pivots around the axis of the strut for immediate response with input from the bar. This pivotal turning makes the AIRUSH ONE an ideal kite in both waves and freeride conditions. Thanks to increased sweep in the LE combined with a proportional increase in diameter of the frame of the kite, relaunch is virtually effortless.

Clocking in around 25-30% lighter than a kite of equal size, along with an increased diameter leading edge and a deep profile, the AIRUSH ONE is incredibly efficient and stable in light wind conditions. With, quite literally, zero back stall, this is a kite that both advanced riders and rank beginners will enjoy, as it is not only forgiving, but steady and predictable as well. In the larger sizes, you will immediately notice the benefits of the turning speed in lighter wind conditions.

The ONE is also extremely easy to tune to your preference with the adjustable bar pressure and bar throw. The 3 wingtip settings allows for a Low, Medium and High bar pressure to meet the your preference.



6m –   £809
9m –   £909
12m – £979
15m – £1079

All the latest 2011 Kit Available from Airush Kitesurfing