KobraPPG Moster

KobraPPG’s new Moster paramotor hit UK shores last week. The beefed up twin hoop 145cm stainless chassis for ultimate protection. All fitted up with a high twist 130cm Helix Carbon propeller, under seat reserve chute, weight shift and newly designed harness makes an attractive package at a respectable UK price of £4395 in this spec! Smaller units are a little cheaper.

185cc moster engine produces 75kg thrust.


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KobraPPG add Vittorazi Moster 185 to the line up of Paramotors

Quality Paramotor manufacturer KobraPPG have an addition to their already excellent choice of machines. The KobraPPG Vittorazi Moster fits right in the thrust line between the Venom and the Rocco. Having recently saved a kilo with a new harness design KobraPPG are weighing in well in the kilo department, now a Lite frame version to compliment the traditional HR stainless which are available in Large 140cm or XL 145cm. The Moster offers excellent power to weight ratios that other machines can only dream of. Usual KobraPPG refinements are there, underseat reserve option, rpm/h meter, 4 part stainless frame, Solid active arm, with anti torque & weight shift with secure KobraPPG fitting giving the expected excellent in-flight characteristics that KobraPPG are known for.

The KobraPPG Moster is available in 3 styles with competitive weight savings and price structures:

KobraPPG Moster Lite, 23kg, 125cm carbon prop and expected 72kg thrust. £4095

KobraPPG Moster HR, 24kg, 125cm carbon prop with 72kg thrust £4295

KobraPPG Moster HR XL, 24.5kg, 130cm carbon prop with 75kg thrust £4395

more info from http://www.kobrappg.co.uk

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New Paramotor Wing from KobraPPG – ENJOY EasyUp Paraglider

Currently available in Medium and Large. Semi-Reflex design (hands on flying) with speed trimmers 39km to 53km. The Enjoy has passed EN/A safety rating. Aimed at beginner and intermediate pilots, offered alone or as a package deal with any KobraPPG Paramotors. It is easy to launch and fun to fly.

Medium 26m, min 70kg to max 130kg, wing weight 5.2kg, 42 cells, £2350

Large 28m, min 90kg to max 150kg, wing weight 5.4kg, 42 cells, £2350

More info from KobraPPG UK / Euro.


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Sneak Peek – KobraPPG Paramotor Wing ENJOY – PPG video

Heres an unofficial sneak peek of the KobraPPG ENJOY.

KobraPPG have been working with ITV to make what they think will be the perfect beginner and intermediate wing for paramotoring… Their design aims are for incredible launch characteristics and fast like a Reflex wing, but also really keeping it uncomplicated and safe.

The new wing to be called the ENJOY is certified EN/A which makes it one of the safest paramotor wings on the market, with a purposed semi reflex design it will suit a vast majority of pilots. From the video you can see it has a fun colour scheme keeping in with KobraPPG image.


Discuss on www.kobrappgforum.com

KobraPPG UK Revamped Website & Support Forum

KobraPPG UK launch a new revamped website displaying all the work Kobra PPG have been doing over the winter. 2 New para trikes, Kilo and Duo. The new Fox Delta Trike and  load more great new products to come through 2011. A new paramotor that will turn the ppg world on its head.


Next up is the NEW KobraPPG Forum which has been started to offer greater customer support and make it easier for Pilots to give their feedback. KobraPPG grows every year and 2011 is no exception. If you own and fly a Kobra Paramotor, go and log yourself in on the forum.